Outside Scholarship List

This page provides information on the outside scholarships received by our very own UCSF students the past few years. The new tool below will allow you to review scholarships that actually apply to graduate students in health professional programs. You can filter by the Program of Past Recipients to see, for example, what scholarships Dental students have received, as that might apply to you. You can filter by Program Restriction as well, because a Medical student may have received a scholarship that is also open to Nursing students, for example. Search results include information on the amount awarded and the deadline dates, along with the relevant link to the outside organization. We hope you find this useful compared to the overwhelming results found in some of the more generic search engines.

  • Boomer Esiason Foundation Scholarship

    **Student be either  living with cystic fibrosis or are the children of parents with cystic fibrosis. The Boomer Esiason Foundation assists CF patients pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees on the basis of demonstrated need and academic accomplishment.

  • Brave of Heart Scholarship

    • Scholarship Organization:
    • Scholarship Amount:
      $25,000 - $50,000
    • Deadline:
      October 5

    The Brave of Heart was founded in May 2020 by the Foundations of Cigna and New York Life and administered by E4E Relief. It was established to provide charitable grants and emotional support services to families of frontline healthcare workers, volunteers, and support staff whose lives were lost in the fight against COVID-19.

  • Cancer Federation Scholarship

    • Scholarship Organization:
    • Scholarship Amount:
    • Deadline:
      January 1

    The Cancer Federation provides scholarships for students involved in the research for cancer cure. It is awarded through UCSF to the student of their choice

  • Center for Arab American Philanthropy Scholarships

    Education is a major priority area for CAAP fund holders. By establishing scholarship funds at CAAP, donors can carry out their charitable giving and provide students with the financial means to reach their educational goals. Multiple deadlines are reported, please refer to website for additional information.

  • Chicksaw Educational Services Scholarship

    This program provides a wide variety of higher education grants, scholarships and incentives to Chickasaw college students each semester. There are multiple deadlines, please refer to website for additional information.

  • Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Scholarship

    • Scholarship Organization:
    • Scholarship Amount:
    • Deadline:
      March 1

    The Choctaw Nation may award any tribal member of the Choctaw Nation actively pursuing a higher education degree may apply to receive financial assistance. Fall application deadline October 1st. Spring deadline March 1st.

  • CKMEF Scholarship

    This scholarship is intended for graduate students pursuing degrees in any and all fields who meet the criteria of the scholarship fund. This scholarship is designed to promote academic excellence and increases the visibility of talented students who meet the criteria. There are 2 deadlines, please refer to website for additional information.

  • Cobell Graduate Summer Research Fellowship Program

    Cobell Graduate Summer Research Fellowship Program awards support American Indian and Alaska Native graduate students with a summer research stipend of $5,000. The award is designed to support the student’s master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation research. Students must partner with a faculty adviser to endorse the proposal and supervise the work. 

  • Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships

    Each year, we award more than 300 scholarships to students that demonstrate leadership ability through exemplary community service and academic talent. Our scholarship programs support current or upcoming college students across a variety of disciplines. Multiple deadlines are listed, please refer to website for additional information

  • Contra Costa Association of Realtors Scholarship

    Scholarship candidates may be either high school seniors, trade school, undergraduate or graduate students. All applicants must strictly comply with the application process and fully meet all of the following requirements. Must be a resident of Contra Costa County.