Housing, Food and Transportation

UCSF has established Cost of Living Supplement Program, Food Security for Students Program and Lyft Partnership to help students with rising bay area housing prices, food access, and transportation services.

Food Security for Students

The economic burdens of professional and graduate education are significant for all students, and there may be times when it is difficult for students to access a sufficient quantity of nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.

As a participant in the University of California Global Food Initiative, UC San Francisco has established the Food Security for Students (FSFS) Program to develop and implement services and resources that address UCSF student nutrition and food insecurity. The FSFS program is supported by a campus allocation from UC President Janet Napolitano.

Campus Housing Options

Campus housing is often the best option, especially for new students. Assignments priority goes to new students. In addition, families with children have priority for assignments to 2- and 3-Bedroom apartments.  Campus housing monthly rental rates are significantly cheaper than anywhere off-campus in San Francisco, and the university’s resources are conveniently located nearby. To support your academic and financial success, it is strongly recommended that you apply for UCSF Housing. Visit the Housing website for information about campus housing as well as useful resources for students who choose to live off-campus.

Cost of Living Supplement

San Francisco has become one of the nation's most expensive places to live. To address this reality, the University has instituted concrete plans to develop and complete a substantial amount of new campus housing, but that leaves many current students without a solution in the meantime.

To bridge the gap for students enrolled in degree programs who are not living in campus housing, UCSF will continue to offer a need-based program to provide a $2,500 Cost of Living Supplement (COLS) to current and admitted students in the 2020-21 academic year. The COLS may be used, at the student’s discretion, to help pay for housing or associated costs, such as commuting.

UCSF-Lyft Student Program

UCSF Transportation Services has partnered with Lyft to provide UCSF students with a Guaranteed Ride Home Program. The program is intended for "after-hours" service and is designed to provide students with a commute option to reach a transit hub, other UCSF campus, or reach their home after UCSF's shuttle network has ended for the day.