Outside Scholarship List

This page provides information on the outside scholarships received by our very own UCSF students the past few years. The new tool below will allow you to review scholarships that actually apply to graduate students in health professional programs. You can filter by the Program of Past Recipients to see, for example, what scholarships Dental students have received, as that might apply to you. You can filter by Program Restriction as well, because a Medical student may have received a scholarship that is also open to Nursing students, for example. Search results include information on the amount awarded and the deadline dates, along with the relevant link to the outside organization. We hope you find this useful compared to the overwhelming results found in some of the more generic search engines.

  • AMBUCS Scholarship Program

    • Scholarship Organization:
    • Scholarship Amount:
      $600- $1,500
    • Deadline:
      May 1

    Since 1955, National AMBUCS, Inc. has awarded scholarships to students pursuing degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology and hearing audiology. Students must be US citizens accepted in a graduate-level program that is accredited by the appropriate therapy profession authority in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, or hearing audiology.

  • American Indian Graduate Scholarship

    The AIGC provides American Indians and Alaska Natives seeking higher education, and supports them through attaining graduating degrees through a number of scholarships. All applicants must demonstrate tribal affiliation through the submission of a Tribal Eligibility Certificate.

  • American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program

    The American Indian Nurse Scholarship Award Program was started by the NSCDA in 1928 to give students of American Indian descent the opportunity to pursue careers in nursing. The students are expected to return to work among their people to help improve health care.

  • Armenian General Benevolent Union Scholarship

    AGBU has invested in generations of bright minds seeking to broaden their potential through the pursuit of higher education. Scholarships have been offered since the 1920s to students pursuing diverse fields of study in countless countries across the globe. There are two deadlines, May 1 and June 1, please look through the website for more details.

  • Armenian International Women’s Association Scholarship Program

     "This scholarship is given to full-time female students of Armenian descent attending accredited colleges or universities – Students entering their junior or senior year in college, as well as graduate students, are eligible to apply – Awards are given based on financial need and merit

  • Armenian Students Association of America Scholarship

    The first ASA Outright Scholarship Grant was presented in 1952 for the amount of $300 from the interest income of the ASA Permanent Fund. Scholarship amounts continue to expand because of additional funds made available in the Permanent Fund. To date, over $1 million in grants have been awarded to thousands of deserving Armenian students.

  • Asian Pacific Fund

     "This scholarship is given to a Graduate student attending US based college or university who is pursuing a graduate degree in the social sciences, economics preferred but not required.  Preference given for Asian heritage though not required.

  • Association of Sikh Professionals Scholarship

    The Sikh Education Fund (SEF) was started in 1989 by ASP. The purpose of the fund is to make higher education more affordable for Sikh students in America by funding a portion of their studies. SEF believes in the importance of Sikh youth becoming successful professionals while still remaining true to their Sikh identity and roots.

  • Auxiliary/Foundation Scholarship Program

    The Mills-Peninsula Medical Center’s Auxiliary/Foundation Scholarship Program offers financial aid to students who have been accepted to or are enrolled in a healthcare career or healthcare support program. The number of scholarships awarded in any given year depends on the pool of applicants and the funds available to the Auxiliary Scholarship Committee.

  • Bering Straits Foundation Scholarship

    The Bering Straits Foundation supports the educational and vocational goals through providing financial assistance to students of Native descent.