Loans can be a critical part of your education financing plan. They are a great resource when used conservatively and wisely. We encourage you to carefully consider whether or not you really need to borrow, and if you do, to borrow as little as necessary.

Applying for Loans

Receiving Loans

  • Accept your loans through UCSF Financial Aid Portal.
  • Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for the Federal Direct Loan at
  • If you choose to borrow a Federal Graduate PLUS Loan, complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for this one too at
  • Complete Entrance Loan Counseling for Federal Loans at
  • Complete Entrance Loan Counseling for Campus Based Loans once you receive an email prompt from the loan servicer Heartland ECSI.
    • Allow 15-20 minutes to complete the counseling.
    • Be prepared to list the addresses and phone numbers for three references.
    • When prompted, select loan type(s) based on accepted awards this school year. For the Nurse Faculty and University Loan Programs, select 'Institutional Loan(s)'.
    • Student Financial Services will receive electronic confirmation once you complete this requirement.
  • Sign Up for Direct Deposit.

Canceling or Reducing your Loans (Optional)

After Leaving School or Graduating

Any student who graduates, withdraws, or leaves the University for more than one quarter on a leave of absence, must complete the appropriate exit interview process for his or her loans. UCSF is required to follow up on a borrower’s compliance with this requirement and transcripts may be held if students do not complete the required counseling.

  • Complete loan exit counseling at if you borrowed using Federal Direct (Stafford) or Graduate PLUS loan.
    • This exit counseling session will list a student’s Direct and Perkins student loan data and will model repayment under available repayment plans, give servicer information, and provide estimated payments using the income-driven repayment plans.
    • Be prepared to provide two references during this online session.
    • Contact Student Financial Services for assistance with managing these types of loans.
  • You will receive an email from the servicer Heartland ECSI prompting you to complete Exit Counseling if you borrowed a Perkins Loan, Health Professions Loan, Loan for Disadvantaged Students, Nursing Student Loan, or a University Loan.
    • This on-line session will review the various grace periods and repayment requirements as well as quarterly payment amounts that will need to be made.
    • Be prepared to provide 3 references for this on-line exit counseling.
    • The UCSF contact for these types of loans is Student Accounting Office and the following counselors:
      • Contact Maria Maniego (415) 476-1341 if your last name starts with A-L.
      • Contact Maria Mandanas (415) 476-2742 if your last name starts with M-Z.
    • Students will manage their loan repayment for these types of loans through Heartland ECSI.