Investing in a Healthy Future

Our goal is to efficiently balance regulation compliance and the financial needs of our students, while providing the best possible customer service. We are a dedicated staff that is here to help. The financial well-being of students is our primary concern. 


  • Deadlines and Important Dates
  • Strategic Borrowing & Demystifying Student Debt (for professional students in all levels): Dr. Jeffrey Hanson, PhD, (nationally known debt management expert hired exclusively by graduate schools) meets individually with over 1,500+ professional students per year at more than 20 different graduate institutions. Sponsored by UCSF Student Financial Aid; no services are being promoted in any way. This session is to promote financial literacy among our students. Monday, October 23rd 5:00 – 6:30pm. (HSW 300) (Food provided).
    PDF available for this session:
    Strategies for Smart Borrowers

  • Have questions about the Cost of Living Supplement for students? 
  • Having trouble making ends meet? Get emergency help with food and groceries through the Food Security for Students program.
  • Basic tax workshops for students February 28 and March 2nd at 5:30


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