Student Financial Services Notice Regarding COVID-19

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UPDATE: COVID-19 Interest Rate Suspension Information – Health Professions Student Loans and Nurse Faculty Loans

HSRA is extending the waiver of interest and extending the opportunity for administrative forbearance on health professions student loan and Nurse Faculty Loan programs from March 13, 2020 through December 31, 2020. These policies apply to borrowers to the following programs:
Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL);
Primary Care Loan (PCL);
Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS);
Nursing Student Loan (NSL); and Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP).

Borrowers’ monthly payments will remain the same, but the full amount of the payment will be applied to already accrued interest and/or the outstanding principal. Borrowers who are unable to make payments on their loans due to the COVID-19 national emergency may request administrative forbearance.

Helpful links for employees, graduates and students on fellowship

Are you looking for information on submitting forms to select your repayment plan?  Contact your Loan Servicer.  Don't know who your loan servicer is?  Log into Student Aid to find out. 
Are you looking for a signature on a Graduate Fellowship Deferment Form?  Contact the program sponsoring your fellowship, the Student Financial Services office cannot complete section 4 of this form. 
Are you a UCSF employee looking for someone to sign off on your employment verification form for Public Service Loan Forgiveness? Find out how at UCnet Public Service Loan Forgivness Program

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Update

A new form combines the Public Service Loan Forgiveness application and employment certification forms. The form will be available starting in November. Also a new PSLF tool will be available starting in November. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness help tool allows users to view history of employment information, track their payments, and view next steps to gain eligibility. More details can be viewed on their announcement here

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

There are two forms of Direct Deposit and we recommend students sign up for both:

1) For Federal Direct Loans, please sign up for Direct Deposit through UCSF Afford. You should have received a registration email from If you cannot locate this email, please select the "Resend Registration Email" under the log in button.

2) For UCSF-funding (e.g. COLS, Emergency Loans etc.), please complete this form and submit to Student Accounting (the information for where to send the completed form is in the top-right corner on the form).

Failure to sign-up may result in the delays and inconveniences associated with mailing.