All students must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to receive and retain their student financial aid, including all types of federal loans.

Who is Eligible for Financial Aid

  • Students enrolled in an eligible program
  • U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens
  • Students registered with the Selective Service (if required)
  • Students making satisfactory academic progress
  • Student who are not in default on a student loan or owe a refund on a student grant

Who is NOT Eligible for Financial Aid

  • Students enrolled in the following programs
    • SFGH Nurse Midwifery Program
    • Second Year Midwifery Master's Track and Family Nurse Practitioner attending UCSD
    • Paramedics
    • Emergency Room Technician
    • Dental Post-Graduate Fellowship Programs in Oral Medicine
    • Clinical Epidemiology
    • Geriatric Dentistry
    • Advanced Education in General Dentistry
    • Continuing Education
  • Pharmacy Residents
  • Medical Residents
  • Interns at the Landberg Center
  • Limited Status Students
  • International Students who are not permanent U.S. residents

Eligibility Requirements