Useful Links for Loan and Debt Management

Carole Ann Simpson, the Resource Advisor in the Financial Aid Office is your contact to assist you in managing your student loans while in school, during transitions, residencies, fellowships, and repayment of your loans. You can make an appointment to meet with Carole Ann by calling 415-476-4181. Below are links to useful information to assist you:

(an excel budget worksheet to help enrolled students plan their spending during the academic year)

Managing your Student Loans (a two-page checklist for successful student loan management as you graduate)

Managing your Student Loans in Residency or Fellowship (additional loan management advice for residents and fellows). (your connection to the Department of Education’s loan management tools) (a link to the listing of all of your Federal Direct, FFEL, and Perkins Loans) (the servicer for UCSF Perkins, HPL, LDS, NSL, PCL and University Loans) (a great resource, particularly for medical students) (a link to information about the Public Service Loan Repayment Program which can provide forgiveness of a remaining balance after making income driven repayment for 10 years. This link also provides access to the employment verification form used for this program.) (National Institute of Health’s loan repayment program that can repay the student loans of doctoral level, biomedical or behavioral scientists conducting research funded by nonprofit institutions.) (National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program which can repay up to $50,000 of your student loans after two years of service in a health professions shortage area. Application cycle generally begins in February and ends at the end of March each year.)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau publishes warning on scams run by companies promising “student debt relief.” You don’t have to pay someone to help you with your student loans! Make an appointment to visit with me and review your options. Call 415-476-4181 to book an appointment

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