International Students

International students are not eligible for Federal financial aid. They must rely on their own resources and cannot expect to receive financial aid funding. Non-US citizens and non-permanent residents are only eligible for private educational loans.

Private educational loans may be available if the student has a credit-worthy co-borrower who is a citizen or permanent resident of U.S. Please note that the qualifying criteria for private loans are becoming stricter due to the current economy. Thus, eligibility for a private loan in one year does not guarantee continual renewal in the subsequent year, as the qualifying criteria is subject to change by the lender.

Application Steps:
International Students
  • Complete UCSF's Finaid/COLS Application at UCSF Financial Aid Portal.  This link will take you to the UCSF MyAccess webpage where you can register as a new user or sign in if you already have a MyAccess ID and password.
  • Choose a private lender and apply online or by phone.

Choosing and applying for a Private Loan
Here is the 2017-18 UC private loan lender list. Of course your choice is not limited to those institutions on our list. You may choose any lender you like that offers private educational loans. The borrower benefits listed online on the day the lender pre-approves your loan will apply to you.