Undocumented graduate and professional degree students at UC who qualify under AB 540 for exemptions from paying non-resident tuition are ineligible to receive any federal financial aid funds. However, AB 540 students may be considered, on the same basis as other similarly-situated graduate and professional degree students, for financial aid funds from state sources (there are no state financial aid programs available to this student population at present) and the following UC sources:

Privately-donated scholarships and fellowships administered by UC that are not restricted to U.S. citizens or permanent residents (effective 1-1-2012)

University of California institutional financial aid derived from other  UC sources (effective 1-1-2013)

Irrespective of AB 540 status, graduate and professional degree students at the University of California who are authorized to work in the United States may be employed by the Regents of the University of California.  While UC is not encouraging undocumented individuals to seek work permits if they are not already in possession of such, students with authorization to work may be hired at UC for as long as the authorization is in effect.  Possession of work authorization does not have any bearing on eligibility for other types of financial aid at UC.  The eligibility rules above apply to such financial aid.