How do I apply for work-study?

Work-study is a federal financial aid award given to students upon request, as long as s/he shows financial aid need.

Work-study pays for 75 percent and the employer pays the remaining 25 percent of the student's earnings.

UCSF students are only allowed to use work-study funds at non-profit entities. Students are normally given up to $7,000 in work-study funds during the 12-month academic year (July through June).

You can request a work-study award on the annual FAFSA application.

If you didn't request work-study on the application, but would like funding, you can begin the process for work-study funding by completing and submitting  the Federal Work-Study Application to our office.

Once you have been award with work-study, you can start looking for work study positions through your professional school department or professors.