How do I apply for outside scholarships?

Private agencies and organizations offer a variety of loans, scholarships and grants to UCSF students, often including those who do not qualify for financial aid.

Information on many of these awards can be obtained by visiting the Student Financial Aid Office.

Outside awards often have early deadline dates (e.g. November 1999 - March 2000 for most 2000-2001 awards), so apply early.

Students are also encouraged to investigate loan and scholarship assistance from business clubs, professional groups, medical and nursing societies, sororities and fraternities, parents' credit or company unions, and other organizations in their home town or county. These awards are often sent directly to the Student Financial Aid Office for disbursement to the student. Students must submit proof of current registration when picking up checks. Awards are generally disbursed in equal payments each quarter unless the donor specifies otherwise.

Free internet scholarship searches are available to students by accessing:

The following scholarship search databases are located in this web site:

  • FastWEB
  • ExPAN
  • CollegeNET
  • MACH25
  • SRN Express

To access, simply click "fastWEB" or "other free scholarship databases" under the "Scholarships" Icon. provides links to a variety of general fellowship databases for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

This website contains the GrantsWeb, a collection of links to grants-related information and resources. It also serves as a link to grant and fellowship databases from different colleges and federal agencies. Numerous foundations and fellowship programs have their own web pages from which interested students or scholars can download the information or even apply online.

A Grant Seeker's Guide to the Internet plus A Proposal Writing Short Course are also included. Access these pages here or navigate to them by clicking on the "Scholarships" Icon, scrolling down to "Other Types of Aid" and scrolling down to "Grants"