Loan Management Workshop for 2020 Graduates

Learn more about different repayment options and determine the one that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Carole Ann Simpson has been the Resource Advisor at Student Financial Services Offices since 2014. She has assisted hundreds of graduates with their student debt by informing them of the different repayment plans and helping them identify the plan that is best suited for their future goals. Learn how to manage your student loans and the special considerations of 2020 that may impact your decisions.

View and listen to the Loan Management Workshop for 2020 Graduates presentation provided April 2020.

The PowerPoint presentation and three handouts will be referenced within this presentation. Download the PDFs for this session.

Handout 1: Summary of Workshop

Handout 2: Loan Repayment Plans

Handout 3: Sample repayment amounts in REPAYE/PAYE and Standard Plans