Work-Study - FAQs

What is work-study?

Work-study is a federal financial aid award given to students upon request, as long as s/he shows financial aid need. Work-study pays for 75 percent and the employer pays the remaining 25 percent of the student's earnings and 100 percent of the student's benefits.

How can I request a work-study award?

You can request a work-study award on the annual Work Study Application.

I'm not on financial aid, but am interested in a work-study job. What should I do?

You must apply for financial aid (FAFSA & UCSF Finaid/COLS Application) before work-study eligibility can be ascertained. This can take from one-two weeks.

Is there a limit to the work-study funds I can receive?

Yes. Students are normally given up to $7,000 in work-study funds during the 12-month academic year (July through June). Additional funds may be awarded when students are close to earning their full work study award.

I know I'll be able to earn more than the $7,000 yearly maximum work-study award. Can I ask for more funds?

Most students request work-study in the summer when they are not enrolled. Many times their summer plans change and they don't work as much as they originally anticipated. Our office knows by early November if additional funding is available from unused summer work-study funds. Contact your financial aid advisor to put in a request for additional work-study funds for the academic period.

Can I be fired from my work-study position?

Yes. This is an employment-based financial assistance award.  Your work performance will be evaluated.  A federal work study employee may be released from University employment due to loss of federal eligibility, lack of suitable work assignments, unsatisfactory performance or misconduct.  You may be released from employment at the sole discretion of the University.

Are there any work-study papers I need to complete before starting a work-study job?

Yes. You must sign the On or Off-Campus work-study agreement form. Your signature indicates that you are aware of your hourly pay rate, work-study award amount, and the period (summer or academic) that the work-study award is valid.

If you are have not worked at UCSF before, you will need to complete additional UCSF hiring forms with the your on-campus hiring department or Student Financial Aid Office for off-campus hires.

I have a part-time job at Walgreens. Can I make it into a work-study job?

No. UCSF students are only allowed to use work-study funds at non-profit entities.

I only used $3,000 of my $7,000 work-study award. Can I save the remaining $4,000 for a work-study job next year?

No. All financial aid awards are only available for one academic year. You must re-apply every year for financial aid and work-study. However, if you want to replace your unused work-study award with loan funds, you must contact us.

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