Federal Work-Study Hiring Process for On-Campus Employers

After selecting a student for your job, and before the student starts working, you must:

  1. Make sure the student has been awarded with Federal Work Study during the period of time you would like to have the student work.
  2. Complete the On-Campus Federal Work-Study Agreement and Job Description forms.
  3. SFAO has worked with HR and has been able to obtain an HR waiver of fees for all students hired through the work study program. Do not go through the normal UCSF hiring procedures with your department's HR representative. The student should complete the employment paperwork with your department to avoid being charged for the HR service fee. The UC employment hiring forms can be sent to your department from SFAO. The completed employment paperwork should be forwarded to the Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) for payroll input. Contact Elliot Yau to have the employment forms sent to your department.
  4. Submit the following to the SFAO Box 0246.
  1. SFAO must review the Work Study forms and set up a record for the student you are hiring prior to the employment start date. Please allow a one-two weeks prior to a student's start date for SFAO processing. SFAO will confirm the student's employment start date once the paperwork is reviewed.
  2. Once the student begins working, biweekly time records are due according to the Time Record deadline schedule. Faxed or scanned copies of time records are acceptable on the deadline. Each biweekly pay period, submit the following:
    Time record
    Certification of Hours Worked Form

Questions? Contact our Work Study coordinator, Elliot Yau or call (415) 476-4181.