Exit Counseling Requirements For Graduating Students

Student Loan Exit Counseling Requirements for Students

Any student who graduates, withdraws, or leaves the University for more than one quarter on a leave of absence, must complete the appropriate exit interview process for his or her loans.  The kind of counseling students must complete depends on the types of loans received while in attendance.  Students who are not sure what types of loans were borrowed while in attendance can sign on to their Financial Aid Portal and review their awards for each academic year.  Borrowers who have both types of loans below must complete both on-line exit counseling sessions.

  1.  Students who borrowed using a Federal Direct/Stafford Unsubsidized or PLUS loan while in attendance, must complete loan exit counseling at www.studentloans.gov, sign-in, and select “Complete Counseling,” and then “Exit Counseling.”  This session will list a student’s Direct and Perkins student loan data and will model repayment under available repayment plans, give servicer information, and provide estimated payments using the income-driven repayment plans.  Be prepared to provide two references during this online session. 

The UCSF contact for these types of loans is Carole Ann Simpson, Resource Advisor in the Financial Aid Office, [email protected]  (415-476-4181). Loan servicers are the companies that help students manage their repayment, and students can find the name of their servicer by visiting www.nslds.ed.gov.

  1. Students who borrowed a Perkins Loan, Health Professions Loan, Loan for Disadvantaged Students, Nursing Student Loan, or a University Loan while in attendance must complete exit counseling for these loans using Financial Counselor. This on-line session will review the various grace periods and  repayment requirements as well as quarterly payment amounts that will need to be made.  Be prepared to provide 3 references for this on-line exit counseling. 

The UCSF contact for or questions about the repayment for these types of loans is the Student Accounting Office:  Students with last names A-L should contact Maria Maneigo  at 415-476-1341 and students with last names M-Z should contact Lawrence Calhoun 415-502-4591. Students will manage their loan repayment for these types of loans at  www.acs-education.com.

For both of these types of exit counseling UCSF is required to follow up on a borrower’s compliance with this requirement and transcripts may be held if students do not complete the required counseling.

Group Sessions on Loan Management

During the winter and spring quarters, optional group sessions conducted by Carole Ann Simpson, Resource Advisor in the Financial Aid Office, focus on financial strategies for managing your loans and highlighting repayment plans and forgiveness programs. 

One-on-one Counseling

The Financial Aid Office also provides one-on-one loan repayment counseling.  Carole Ann Simpson, our Resource Advisor, can review your loans with you and help you create a repayment plan.  To book an appointment, call 415-476-4181.  The Front Desk in Financial Aid has access to Carole Ann’s calendar, and can schedule an appointment that is convenient.  Carole Ann asks for at least one day notice for a one-on-one session to review a students’ loan portfolio in preparation.