Frequently Asked Questions about COLS

Q: Should I complete the 2016-17 or 2017-18 FAFSA form?  

The required FAFSA is the 2017-18 version.

Q: May I apply for COLS even if I am getting HPSA (health professions scholarship program award) from the Navy or other military branch?

Yes, recipients of any outside scholarship are eligible to apply for COLS so long as all other awards do not exceed their cost of attendance.

Q: If I don't get the COLS this year, may I apply again next year?

Extension of the program beyond the 2017-18 school year is contingent upon the program’s effectiveness and availability of funds. If the program is continued, you will need to re-apply each year.

Q: Are students in the Dental Post Grad Program eligible for COLS?

Dental Post Grad students are eligible if they are on a master’s track. Those in the certificate-only track are not eligible.

Q: Are international students eligible?

Yes, given that students meet all other eligibility criteria.

Q: How does an international student without a social security number complete a FAFSA?

International students should complete the COLS application and then email [email protected] to request instructions on how to complete the required FAFSA.

Q: Are DACA students eligible?

Yes, given that student meets all other eligibility criteria.  DACA students should submit a paper 2017-18 FAFSA Worksheet directly to Student Financial Aid. 

Q: Are DACA students required to submit a FAFSA?

DACA students should submit a paper 2017-18 FAFSA Worksheet directly to Student Financial Aid.  

Q: DACA student – I completed the FAFSA. Why does the financial aid student portal say my FAFSA as incomplete?

“Incomplete FAFSA” is just a status identifier on the government’s side. As long as you have provided all the information we need to determine your eligibility for COLS, our office will be able to process the information.

Q: Are incoming summer/fall students eligible?

Yes, given that students meet all other eligibility criteria.

Q: I was offered, but declined UCSF housing due to (multiple reasons). May I still apply for COLS?

Yes, given that you meet all other eligibility criteria.

Q: Are students who will not renew on-campus housing eligible?

Yes, given that students meet all other eligibility criteria.

Q: What if I cannot provide parental information and I am under 30?

That depends on the reason why this information cannot be provided, but in absence of extenuating circumstances – such as one involving total estrangement – approval is not likely. You may request a parent waiver form from the Student Financial Aid Office by emailing [email protected].

Q: I am expected to provide parental information as I am under 30. What if my parents are separated or divorced?

In this case, the student is required to provide only the custodial parent’s information as defined in FAFSA instructions.

Q. I am a continuing student who provided parental financial information in my first year. Do I need to do so again?

Continuing students who have provided parental financial information in the past will not need to resubmit parental information again for the purpose of the COLS application.

Q: My parents live overseas. Am I still expected to complete their income information?

Yes, based on conversion to U.S. dollars. FAFSA instructions cover this.

Q: Am I eligible for COLS if I am a student who will only be enrolled in the summer and winter quarters?

No. COLS is intended for students enrolled fall 2016, for three terms.

Q: When will students be notified that they were awarded a COLS grant?

Students who are granted a COLS will be notified after June 15, 2017.

Q: When will COLS funds be disbursed to the students?

The anticipated disbursement date is November 5, 2017.

Q: Is COLS a taxable grant?

COLS is taxable and recipients will be sent a 1098-T or a 1042-T.