Scholarship Searches

Free Scholarship Search Databases

Students are encouraged to investigate sources of financial assistance beyond what is offered by the federal and state governments and their schools. Many foundations, professional associations, religious and ethnic organizations, and corporations offer grants, scholarships, or fellowships. These awards are based on a wide variety of qualifications including financial need, academic achievement, religious affiliation, ethnicity, or special interests.

The Internet can provide a wealth of information on these resources.The following is a list of FREE scholarship, grant, and fellowship search databases.

Note: The three most popular websites for UCSF students are FastWEB, NextStudent Scholarship Search, and FinAid: The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid.

CareerMD: Provides career management resources for medical students, residents, and doctors. It features FellowshipFIND, a comprehensive database of fellowships related to different medical specialties.

FastAid: A scholarship search database co-sponsored by David Cassidy, author of The Scholarship Book. FastAid is helpful to international students.

FastWEB: An extremely popular database with more than 1.5 million scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans. Students can set up a mailbox with personalized information so that they may check for new awards and update their portfolio periodically. New scholarship information can be e-mailed to students.

FinAid: The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid: An extremely comprehensive guide to all student financial aid information and free scholarship, grant, and fellowship search databases. This website offers advice on college education planning and scholarship scam alerts.

GrantsNet: Useful for medical and graduate students interested in biomedical or life sciences research funding, postdoc toral scholars, and research administrators. GrantsNet allows users to save and update their scholarship profile and to receive e-mail alerts about new funding opportunities. Useful for international students.

IEFA: International Education Financial Aid: Scholarships and private loans for international students and students interested in studying abroad. Some are also available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

SRN Express: Helpful to international students, especially Canadian citizens. This database also includes student loan forgiveness programs for graduates who need alternatives for repayment.

GoodCall: Formerly SchoolSoup.

Student Awards: Canada’s free scholarship search service website.